Getting there

How to reach us


The nearest airport to the venue is Ćilipi airport in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Also close to the venue is small international airport in Tivat (Tivat airport).

One more option is the main airport in Montenegro (Podgorica airport) which is about 3 hour car driving distance from the venue.


Car driving distance from those airports to the venue are:

Čilipi Airport (Dubrovnik, Croatia) – 25 km
Tivat Airport – 27 km
Podgorica Airport – 115 km


We invite you to use google maps or other navigation systems.


If you arrive to one of the airports and you are looking for public transport to the venue, you first have to get to the central bus station by taxi and then take a bus to Igalo. We will organize a spreadsheet, where you can find people arriving to the same airport and share a taxi to the venue. If there will be more of you, we can also organize a van directly to the venue (price upon request). From Dubrovnik to Igalo we recommend taking a taxi.

You can use

Car sharing and common transportation will be organized for participants who request it. E-mail us: [email protected].